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Asia prints
Click here to enlarge this image[St.Petersburg] Delineatio Alicuyus Spatii Petersburgi In Russia [& repeated in Spanish]Anonymous, not signed.Appr. 1750 345
Click here to enlarge this image(Calcutta) & Hormus) Calechvt Celeberrimum Indiae Emporivm Georg Braun & Franz Hogenberg1580-85 950
Click here to enlarge this imageJedo, Plan de Jedo / Plattegrond van JedoSchleij, J. vanAppr.1740 165
 De Stad BantamDecker, C.1750 275
Click here to enlarge this image(Moscow )Vue Du Couvent De Froitzko-Serguiewsk Pres De MoscouBichebois lithogr.Appr. 1870 645
Click here to enlarge this imageTobolsk, Gezicht Van Tobolsk (Siberia)J.B.le Prince Del. J.C.Philips Fecit1768 495
Click here to enlarge this imageSt.Petersburg View Of The Ancient Winter Palace Belonging To Her Imperial Majesty And Of The Canal Which Joins The Moika To The Newa At St. Petersburg. (& Repeated in French)Anonymous, not signed.Appr. 1695 315
Click here to enlarge this image[ Caucasus] Chateau d'Atskour [P. d 'Akhaltsik]Gagarine, Gr. Del. & Mouilleron, Lith.Appr. 1847. 345
Click here to enlarge this imageNordk├╝ste Bei Semarang (Java)Junghuhn, F. W. [1809-1864]1850 695
Click here to enlarge this imageKahwah-Patua (Java)Junghuhn, F. W. [1809-1864]1850 650
 Malacca. The City Of Malacca In The East IndiesFrom Middletons Complete System Of GeographyAppr. 1750 490
 Bangkok. "BANKOK "[Sic!]Le Breton, taken from "De Hollandse Illustratie"Appr. 1850 165
 Batavia. Een Straat In Batavia {Oude Stad] Rue a Batavia [l'Ancienne Ville]"LALYAppr. 1850-60 145
 Bangkok, Thailand. A View Of The Exterior Of A Pagoda At Bangkok In SiamLawerd, taken from "The Kingdom Of siam"Appr. 1850-60 135
 Java; Complete Suite of 11 large lithographs.Junghuhn, F.1845 12.900
Click here to enlarge this imageCanton In ChinaAnonymous1840 155
Click here to enlarge this imageEen Maleyer Met Sijn Vrouw Soo Hij In Batavia Gekleed Gaat. [A Malayan Man With His Wife As Dressed In Batavia]UnknownAppr. 1740 165
 China. Chinese Burial - Chineesse Lykstaatsi. Funerailles Chinoisesvan Schley after the drawing by Du HaldeAppr. 1750 190
 Nagasaki; Die Hafen Und Die Bai Von NagasakiUnknownAppr. 1850 525
 Nankin Nanhung - NanhunHabermann, Francois, Xavier,Appr. 1750 325