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titleEen Maleyer Met Sijn Vrouw Soo Hij In Batavia Gekleed Gaat. [A Malayan Man With His Wife As Dressed In Batavia]
dateAppr. 1740
size28,2 x 17,5 Cm.
techniqueCopper-Plate Engraving
conditionFair. A well printed image, verso blank, good margins at three sides. Top of print 2 cm.cut down into the image. Neverthe;ess, a fine and decorative engraving, taken from a Dutch travel account.
signatureNo Signature
descriptionA man standing with a large tobacco pipe, offering a box to his seated wife, another woman smoking a cigar. Fine. A decorative print.
ouvreNot Found
watermarkNo Watermark Present
price 165
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