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1.1. These terms of sale apply to all agreements and to all other acts of the seller, except for modifications explicitly agreed upon and understood in writing by the seller and the buying other party.
1.2 The applicability of any terms or conditions reffered to by the other party In whatever way other than own terms will be explicitly denied by us.
1.3 Dutch law will apply to all agreements.
1.4 The applicability of the Uniform Acts of International Acquisitions of Tangible Movable Property and in respect of the realization of International Contracts of sale of Tangible Movable Property as well as the Vienna sales treaty is excluded.

2.1 Tenders are not binding and are only meant as an invitation to the other party to place an order.
2.2 An agreement is realized either verbally by simultaneous delivery and payment for the property by the buyer, or by acceptance in writing or by shipment of the property by the seller.
3.1 Buyer will notify the seller in writing of any visual defects not later than five(5) days after the receipt of the property or properties. Buyer will notify the seller in writing of any defects that could not have been found on normal inspection, immediately after same defects have been discovered and not later than twenty (20) days after the receipt of the property or properties.
3.2 The seller is obliged to honour reasonable claims regarding quality, class or quantity of the delivered property or properties by replacement of same only unless this is impossible due to the rareness of the delivered property. In this case the seller will reimburse any payments.
3.3 The seller`s liability will never lead to any other obligations than one of the obligations mentioned in the previous subsection.

4.1 Transfer is effected Ex-Antiquarian Bookshop, and the sold property is deemed to be transferred and the conveyance of risks with respect to the property is in transfer from the moment same property is tranferred or handed over to the shipping agent or transporter. If the property is supplied directly to the buyer or to a third party appointed by him, the sold property is deemed to be transferred property and the conveyance of any risks with respect to same will be in force from the moment the property is at the actual disposal of the buyer or off said third party appointed by him.
4.2 If transport to the destination cannot take place due to circomstances beyond sellers control, the seller is fully entitled to store the property at the buyer`s expenses.
4.3 The delivery dates given by the seller are an appoximation.The seller cannot be held responsible for failing to meet any date of delivery. In this case, the buyer is not entitled to cancel the order or refuse acceptance of the property, unless the estimated date of delivery has been overdue to such an extend that the buyer
cannot reasonably be expected to keep up the agreement. In this case the buyer is only entitled to cancel the order in writing and to reclaim any payments already made.
5.1 The seller will charge those prices that are valid on the date of delivery. Unless explicitly understood and agreed upon differently, the following costs will be charged to the buyer:
packaging and shipment, costs of transport insurance, export, import and exise duties, as well as all other taxes or impositions due concerning the delivered property and tranport thereof.
6.1 All payments will be made without any compensations or discount.Unless explicitly understood and agreed upon differently, the buyer within fourteen (14) days of the date of invoice is bound to settle the net price of the seller`s invoice in cash or by transfer of such a sum into the seller`s bank or giro
account, without any charges being made to seller. The place of payment is the place where seller has established his business.
6.2 The seller is entitled to suspend fulfilment of any obligations as long as the buyer not settled any payments due, such as purchase prices and/or transport charges, insofar as same can be claimed.
6.2 From the fourteenth (14) day of the date of invoice, the buyer without any notice or injunction, will owe an amount of interest equal to the statutory interest which at that moment is valid in the Netherlands, augmented by two (2)per cent.
7.1 Without prejudice to the buyer`s obligation to pay timely, title of the delivered property will exclusively remain with the seller until the buyer has fulfilled all his obligations that are resultant from or connected with said property delivered or to be delivered, by us under the terms of agreement.
8.1 Returns of containers,covers or any other packaging materials for which the has been invoiced, are only accepted if the shipment to the seller`s established place of business, has been stamped with sufficient valid postage stamps, is in good,undamaged condition and has taken place within twenty (20) days of the date of said invoice to the seller. In this case the invoiced price of packaging materials will be refunded to the buyer.
9.1. All recovery charges due by the buyer, wheter of a judical or an extrajudical nature, will be at the buyer`s expenses.
9.2 The extrajudical charges to be compensated for will be calculated on the basis of the collecting rates for same recovery procedures as charged by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten. (The Dutch Law Society)at the time of the collection order, with a minimum charge of Euro 250,-
10.1 If the seller cannot fulfill his obligations towards the buyer due to circomstances beyond his control, the buyer will have no right to compensation.
10.2 Circumstances beyond the control of the seller are any circumstances that occur outside the influence of the seller, and which prevent his fulfilment of any obligations towards the buyer, or because of which the fulfilment of obligations cannot reasonable be asked of him, regardless whether these circomstances could have been foreseen at the time of concluding the agreement.
11.1 Unless National or International law or jurisdiction applies and strictly and forcibly annuls the ruling of this article, all disputes between parties will be submitted to the Arondissementsrechtbank (District Court) which holds it`s sessions in the district in which the seller has established his place of business.

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